** poster created for lovely friend + fellow word lover & designer lisa stoner ( check out her beautiful work here. )



  1. […] Read More Books Print from Sara Seal of Candy Coated Universe. Work for The Tenfold Collective. This entry was posted in Books, Business and tagged books, Design, print, read. Bookmark the permalink. ← Type Tuesday: Sans Serif […]

  2. this is soooo amazing
    are you selling prints of it? i would love to put it on my wall in the library…

    • hi steffi – so sorry im terrible about replying here – i don’t have prints – but am planning on doing some – i’ll let you know if / when i have some of this one! thanks so much for commenting!

  3. Would love a print of this too!
    Let me know when you have some.

    • A print as well please! It’s just lovely.

  4. Hello, I’m still wishing i could get this print from you…let me know when and where I can make one mine 🙂 Thanks

  5. […] This amazing print is from Sara Seal of Candy Coated Universe. […]

  6. I would LOVE to have a print of this as well for my home! Please keep us informed! michabelle3@yahoo.com
    Thanks so much!

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